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Life insurance

This is not a mandatory insurance but HUGELY important, some people choose not to cover themselves but then go to spend double what the premium could cost on a broadband package… mad right?

If you had a cash machine in the corner of your bedroom that chucked out money every morning, would you insure it? Well that cash machine is you! Insure yourself not just your phone & cars.

There are many different types of life insurance policies and types, the most common that most people know is Term Assurance/ Decreasing Term Assurance, this is a type of policy that pays out a lump sum if you or your partner was to unfortunately pass away which can repay mortgage debts and other costs if needed, instead of leaving your grieving family with the mortgage debt to repay this will be paid by the insurer in a lump sum to take the financial strain off of the family to grieve in their own way without financial pressures.

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It is an awful topic and uncomfortable at times but it is realistic and we should all be thinking about what kind of mess we could be leaving our families in if you are the breadwinner.

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