There are many types of insurances when it comes to property, our two broad insurance services are...


Protection is what it says on the tin, we can advise on multiple insurance policies that will protect you in certain eventualities. The types of insurance that we advise on are Life Insurance, Critical Illness & Income Protection.

All of them are so very important and we all hope that we never have to even think about claiming however, statistics tell us that it is possible that any of us can sadly pass and leave our family with mortgage debt, become critically ill and unable to work or fall ill and loose your income.

We can tailor packages to suit monthly budget for cost or we can create a plan surrounding your needs of protection.

Home Insurance:

Home insurance is mandatory when you have a mortgage on your property, this ensures if the house was to fall down the lender has their security covered.

Again, there are many different policies and providers for home insurance so let us take the stress out of it for you!