Income Protection insurance

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Income Protection insurance

If you had a cash machine in the corner of your bedroom that chucked out money every morning, would you insure it? Well that cash machine is you! Insure yourself not just your phone & cars.

If you was out of work due to an injury or illness, would your saving be sustainable to keep on top of your bills? Would sick pay or government benefits be enough? If not an income protection or Accident, Sickness & Unemployment plan would be a sensible conversation to be having.

Income Protection cover typically pays a regular monthly income for a pre-determined period of time whilst being off of work which will pay your bills without the worry of falling behind with mortgage payments etc.

ASU (Accident, Sickness & Unemployment) is typically used for shorter term cover periods between 12-24 months and can also cover unemployment via redundancy where as Income Protection is usually for Injury & Sickness.

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