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We are specialists within the High Net Worth (HNW) & Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) mortgage space.

HNW or UHNW individuals often have what would be deemed as complicated affairs by some mainstream banks which may include income received through trusts/ non taxable income, offshore accounts and so on.

The team at Four Financial can assist in utilising our relationships with our lenders which may involve conversations with specialist private banks.

Alternatively, if the property you wish to purchase is non-standard or you have any other complicating factor our advisers will be able to assess the market and work with lenders on your behalf.

Lender criteria and rates are much more movable for mortgages over £1 million. We assess the entire market to make sure we get you the best possible terms and analyse and assess a number of different ways to structure the loan.

Some mainstream lenders will remove themselves from the market with mortgages over £1m or you may find yourself being pulled through an incredibly lengthy underwriting process with many document and information requests as typical mainstream lenders are not set up for specialist lending needs.